Sarahan on the Shimla-Kinnaur border in the Sutlej Valley is known as the Apple-Country because of its lush apple orchards. Its terraced fields and slate roofed houses further add beauty to it. The beauty of this place is to be seen to be believed, with miles and miles of orchards to wild flowers forming a blanket.

Flanked by Forests of tall Deodars and Medicinal Herbs, Sarahan is famous for its ancient Bhimakali Temple and as a starting-point for treks to the mountain of Shrikhand Mahadev. Sarahan is a delightful place to unwind and soak in the unadulterated Mountain Scenery.

Saharan is a place of pilgrimage, a heaven for nature lovers attracting a variety of admirers. The best time to undertake an extraordinary travel experience to this destination is from April to June and September to November.